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Call Interceptor: Google Voice uses the touch-tone phone calling capabilities of Google Voice to make calls using your Android Phone. It provides you with an extensive set of rules for determining which calls should be intercepted and routed through Google Voice and which Google Voice Number should be used for the intercepted call.

The Interceptor is notified everytime an outgoing call is about the be placed and it determines if the call should be intercepted and routed through Google Voice. This means you place calls/dial numbers as you normally would.

Calls that are routed through Google Voice appear to the receiptent as being from your Google Voice Number.

The call log of your phone is modified to show the number originally dialed not the Google Voice Number number.

You have the ability to add multiple Google Voice Numbers and then setup rules to determine when each number should be used.

Release Notes

Version 3.0
• Added Status Bar Notification to Alert when calls as being intercepted
• Added Always Intercept option
• Added Enable Toggle Widget

Version 2.5
• Misc. Bug Fixes

Version 2.3
• Misc. Bug Fixes

Version 2.0
• Added Tri-State checkbox allowing for prompting to determine if call should be intercepted.
• Added rules for contact groups.
• Added rules for Wi-Fi settings.

Version 1.0
• Original Release.

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